Should you seal bluestone with water-based or solvent-based sealer?

It is so important to seal natural stone pavers. Natural stone is porous, so if you don’t seal it, anything that is spilled on it will soak down in to the deepest layers of the stone and will be very difficult to remove.

Sealer is generally available in two forms – water based and solvent based.
Which is best for your pavers?

If you have bluestone pavers, we recommend using solvent based sealer. This is because bluestone is a very dense stone, and due to its density it is difficult for water based sealer to penetrate the stone.

But, what if for some reason you prefer to use water based sealer? Our advice is for you to apply it with a very light touch, because if you apply too much you will end up with a white, hazy, streaky, finish – which is a residue from the sealer. If you do end up with this residue, clean it off with  a light detergent.

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Bluestone pavers from Premier Pavers.

Bluestone pavers from Premier Pavers.