French pattern design…

French Pattern in tumbled and unfilled travertine would have to be my personal all time favourite choice in natural stone pavers! I adore the provincial look! And I’m not alone… many people buy these sets of pavers and excitedly take them home. There are lots of designs and patterns possible (think back to the fun you had as a kid playing with tangrams!)…

Today I wanted to share with you the design that we share regularly with our landscapers and diy’s.

How do you design your French Pattern? If you use a different layout, please share it with us in the comments!
We’d love to be inspired by new possibilities!



Classic Light Travertine French Pattern Design



Paving your balcony

Balconies, whether they are large or small, are ideal for a moment of fresh air, and for long, lazy weekend afternoons…

The first thing to consider in your design is how much weight your balcony can hold. Often, engineers recommend 10mm pavers for balconies. Check with your engineer first to ensure that you don’t fall in love with a particular paver only to discover it is too heavy for your balcony!

Next, consider the colours of your walls and home. Decide if you would like to blend in with those colours, or create a contrasting feature with your balcony. When deciding on the colour palette of your balcony, start with the flooring and build your design from there.

We recommend natural stone pavers for balconies. Choose from Bluestone, Granite, Sandstone or Travertine.

Bluestone is strong and durable, and creates a smooth look highlighted by the occasional ‘cat paw’ mark inherent in this natural stone. Bluestone has a grey-blue colour perfect for cool palettes.

Granite, with its flamed finish, provides an extra anti-slip surface. With its speckled appearance and quartzitic sparkle, it is a wonderful choice! Granite is available in greys and blacks, as well as whites and reds.

In your design, remember that Bluestone and Granite are volcanic in origin, and with all the minerals and metals in their composition, they will heat up in the sun.

If you adore colour and want to create a patchwork effect, consider Sandstone. With its rainbow palette, it brings a sunshine and beach look to your balcony!

For a stone that stays cooler underfoot, consider Travertine. Travertine, a sedimentary rock, has much fewer metals and minerals than volcanic stone, and consequently stays cooler than Bluestone and Granite on hot days. We love the meandering tone-on-tone shades that wander through Travertine. Silver is perfect for cool palette colours, and Classic Light blends better with warm tones…

No matter which stone you choose, your balcony will soon be your new favourite place at home!

Polished Silver Travertine

A close up of a Polished Silver Travertine paver, available from Premier Pavers and Stone






The New Outdoor Living Space

Love these designs! And as the evenings become chillier, a fire pit sounds perfect!

VizX Design Studios Blog

What defines “The New Outdoor Living Space?”  What are clients asking for across the country?
The new outdoor living space is rapidly changing. It has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry in the last 15 years. With the paver patio boom, the outdoor room concept has skyrocketed.

The wooden decks are even making a come back with the new composite materials. Homeowners also have the ability to use multiple colors and styles with their new creations.
What’s really changing the outdoor living space is having components and separate areas. We are now designing in smaller spaces with separate room styles from paver materials, decking, flagstone and many other surfaces. These different materials are used to separate changed elevations and plant material as the border.
Outdoor Bars, Outdoor Kitchens, and Pergolas have seem to be at the forefront of this changing outdoor living climate. The majority of our current design projects…

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Outdoor Pathways

This curved stepping stone pathway with plantings alongside and inbetween the stones is so beautiful!

The Zen of Zada


Pathways are areas that help create a functional method of getting from different locations of your yard or around your home.  Pathways create a sense of direction for guests arriving at your home.  They also provide access to areas that might be harder to reach without pathways.

Getting to your front door requires some sort of walkway.  Whether you have steps or driveway accessibility, a pathway creates an inviting situation encouraging guests to visit.  Pathways are also great for delivery folks giving them an easy way to get to your front door to deliver whatever gift or package has arrived. 

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Outdoor Kitchen

What a magnificent outdoor kitchen!

Northern Lights Landscape

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to really utilize your outdoor space and expand your living space.  Out door kitchens can be large or small, in order to fit your space and needs. In our last post, we talked a lot about the process a contractor will go through to create your design, the same goes for this project. The concept was created after many visits to the site and with the clients to see what had to be done and what the clients wanted out of the space in the end.

The yard here is not too big and is more on the side of the home. The struggle with this project was to create a usable outdoor kitchen space without overpowering the yard as a whole.

To start, we created a L shaped kitchen space for this project. This allows for lots of counter space but also maneuverability…

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And the roads were paved with ….

Beautiful paving that has stood the test of time and traffic! I love the different patterns and designs! Thank you for sharing these.

Into The Orchard


When you visit somewhere new your eyes tend to focus upwards at the architecture around you which gives you a flavour of the history, style, and beauty (or otherwise) or a place.  This is of course perfectly natural but perhaps taking the time to focus down at the ground under your feet provides another interesting sense of place as after all the buildings around you are built from the ground up so perhaps the ground can also tell a story.

I started thinking about this as I walked up the main shopping street in Malaga recently and became aware of the smoothness of the surface, looking down I noticed that the street was made up of the most beautifully polished stone flags, so smooth they were almost marble like.  For me this gave the whole street a real feeling of decadence, then at the end of the street as I…

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