What would you use in which part of your home? (Granite Vs Marble)

A great article comparing the different qualities of granite and marble!

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 While comparing marble to granite, we find that not only is granite stronger than marble. It does not lose its polish after long term exposure to water and does not easily stain in the presence of food acids like fruit juices, coffee, and wine like marble does.
On the other hand, marble is more aesthetically dramatic and beautiful. While granite comes in almost every colour imaginable, it has a relatively uniform look across a slab. Marble has a random variety of color swirls and veining, often including crystal pockets. And while it may not be as strong and versatile as compared to granite it is still a very strong stone, the majority of buildings from ancient Rome and Greece which still stand to this day is testament to that fact.

Let’s review which of these elegant stones are more suitable in the various parts of your home.
Kitchen Counter…

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Bluestone Pavers Combine Beauty and Function in any Living Space

We love bluestone!

Building With Stone Materials

Creating an enjoyable and relaxing living space is an important part of turning your house into a home.  While much attention is often placed on the interior decorating, equal consideration should be given to your outdoor space. Whether in the front yard on a beautiful driveway, in a unique countertop, or in the backyard under the shade of a tree, Bluestone pavers make a great addition to any household.

Bluestone is a made of very hard and resilient quarasitic sandstone. It is a great material to use for pool decks, driveways, paving, tiles, steps, building stones, and more. Additionally, it is often incorporated indoors to make kitchen countertops and floors that are both lovely and long-lasting.

This material is incredibly versatile and perfect for locations inside and outside the house that tend to get wet, as it is known for its non-slip quality. Because of its durable nature, it can…

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3 Ways To Utilize Travertine Deck Pavers and Beyond

Great ideas for travertine!

Natural Stone News

travertine deck pavers

When it comes to improving the visual communication of your home’s outdoor areas, things can get really difficult to manage. There are so many different options that you can pursue that deciding on one can be a painstaking task that leads to a great deal of frustration. It’s with that in mind that it’s important to look into a few different options that can give you versatility and function. It starts with selecting pavers that you would want throughout the exterior of your house, and the location that you decide to place them at. One starting point is the selection of stone pavers that you can utilize. More specifically a good choice is travertine deck pavers, as they can really set a location up for an interesting look and feel.

First and foremost consider travertine as a whole. This stone is one that is not only versatile; it’s elegant…

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The Concepts App

A great app for designing your new outdoor space! We’ve not seen this before, but we’ll definitely be trying it out!

CBS Philly

By Chris Morris

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On today’s APP-tastic and outta SITE – Concepts.

There aren’t a lot of apps out there for architects or landscape designers. Concepts caters to those professions, but it’s also handy for homeowners looking to make some changes around their house.

It’s a drawing app, that creates perfect lines and angles, which helps with layout and perspective – and lets you envision a project precisely.

It has the detail the pros need, but it’s not impossible for the rest of us to use.

Check out the Concepts app.

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